Sullivan County, N.Y.
  Federated Garden Clubs of New York State; District Ten
   Organized and Federated in 1938  

  Mission:  To encourage interest and love of gardening, aid in the
                   protection of nature, trees, plants, birds and scenic beauty, 
                   inspire garden culture and floral decoration in and around our homes
                   and promote civic beautification in our community.

              Meetings:  Third Tuesday of the month except February at 1:00.P.M.
                                 Business meetings and programs at members’ homes or                                  other locations.
                                 Guests and new members welcome.

                      Projects:  Youth Scholarships to summer DEC camps awarded                                        annually.
                                       Horticulture Study.
                                       Field Trips to parks, botanical gardens, and flower shows;                                             many open to the public.
                                       Meeting four times a year with fellow District X Garden Clubs.
                                       Support World Gardening projects of FGCNYS.
                                       Garden Therapy at Adult Day Care Center, CRMC.
                                       Maintain Woodland Wildlings Gardens, Catskill Regional                                        Medical Center.

                                                                2017-2019 Officers: 
                                                                 Co-Presidents: Judy Brennan 845-292-7832  
                                                                 Annie Hilton 845-482-5241  
                                                                 Vice-President: Lenore Weinstein
                                                                 Secretary: Judy Bergstrom
                                                                 Treasurer: Pat Allison
                                                                 Corresponding Secretary: Jane Gordon