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Charter Member: National Garden Clubs, Inc.
a non-profit educational organization. The membership of NGC is composed of 5602 member garden clubs with 178,946 members in the fifty states. In addition, there are 654 international affiliates, making NGC the largest volunteer gardening organization in the world
Member: Central Atlantic Region
Âs of August 1, 2015 office address: 21A Brookedge, Guilderland, NY 12084-9110
Phone and Fax: 518-869-6311
 The office is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
 of each week from 9:00 am to 2:00pm
Closed Tuesdays *Note new hours!!!!!!!!*

  The Federated Garden Clubs of New York State, Inc., was founded in 1924 and incorporated in 1930 for the purpose of supporting the Garden Clubs of New York State. The FGCNYS presently includes more than 250 garden clubs with 8105 members across the state.
  Membership in the Federated Garden Clubs of New York State, Inc. offers garden club members the opportunity and privilege of participating with others in advancing and promoting the objectives and purposes for which the State Federation was formed:

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FGCNYS Board Meeting June 20, 2016 Guilderland Public Library
Open House at office afternoon before
FGCNYS Fall Conference, September 12-13, 2016 Radisson Hotel, Utica NY
NGC/CAR Conference October 23-25 2016, Gideon Putnam Hotel, Saratoga Springs, NY
FGCNYS Symposium following October 26-27, 2016
FGCNYS Winter Board Meeting, November 29, 2016 Guilderland Pubic Library. Open House at office afternoon before.
FGCNYS Annual Meeting, April 3-5, 2017, Millennium Hotel, Buffalo, NY
2016-2017 Officers for YEARBOOKS
NGC President: Sandra H. Robinson
            960 Maple Grove Rd
            London, KY 40744
            606-878-7281 (c) 606-231-1122

CAR Director: Anne M. Bucher
            3529 Twin Branches Dr.
            Silver Spring, MD 20906

FGCNYS President: Pat Wania
            19 Pine Orchard Rd. Hague, NY 12836
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Awards Presented at Fall Conference, Poughkeepsie, NY
Dist I            HM Great Kills Garden Club
Dist II            1st Bay Shore Garden Club
                     2nd Nathan Hale Garden Club
                    1st Garden Club of Shelter Island
Dist III           3rd Catskill Garden Club
Dist V            HM Canajoharie Fort Plains Garden Club
                      HM Herkimer garden Club
Dist VI            HM Spade & Trowel Garden Club
                      1st Binghamton Garden Club
                      3rd Skaneateles Garden Club
DistVII            2nd Bluebells and Beaus Garden Club
                      3rd Newark Garden Club
                      HM Victor Garden Club
Dist VIII         1st Fredonia Garden Club
                      1st Cinderella Garden Club
                      1st Hamburg Garden Club
                       2nd Orchard Park Garden Club
Dist IX            3rd Garden Club of Dobbs Ferry
DIst X            2nd Community Garden Club of Pine Bush
                    2nd Cornwall Garden Club
                    3rd Warwick Garden Club
                     2nd Garden Lovers' Garden Club of Middletown
Poetry Contest 2015 Winners 
  Dist I Castle Manor Garden Club Grade 3 Catherine Moakley, Samantha Jackson and Nicole Delorenzo   
Dist II The Garden Club of Shelter Island Grade 3 Leonardo Dougherty and Myla Dougherty
Dist III Athens Community Garden Club K Nathaniel Hordor, Ava Krstovich,Makayla Schunk, Resse Vizzie, and Darren Vail
Grade 2 Coral Vizzie, Leigha Wiley, Edmund Chan, and Emma Kinch
Grade 4 Mitchell Bartly, Alessandro Marino, Nicole Winchester and Alexander Cuccio 
Grade 5 Florence Martin
Dist IV Ballston Spa House & Garden Club Grade 9 Alexanndra Lay
            Glenville Hills Garden Club Grade 8 Siela Zembsch
Dist VI Diamond Point Example Grade 4 Gabriella Williams
Dist VIII Cheektowaga Garden Club Grade 10 Oliva Cunningham
Dist IX Luther Burbank Garden Club Grade 1 Caroline Lopez, Kyrstal Ivey Grade 4 Cinquains Example and Marc Spadaccini
Dist X Warwick Valley Gardeners Grade 1 Amelia Spencer, Grade 5 Erin Eicher, Grade 6 Angelina O'Neill
Club Recognition Certificates
Dist I Castle Manor Garden Club, Great Kills Garden Club, Richmond/Evergreen Garden Club, South Shore Garden Club & Staten Island Garden Club
Dist II Community Garden Club of Garden City & Hempstead Garden Dept., Douglaston Garden Club, Fort Neck Garden Club, Locust Valley garden Club, Massapequa Park Garden Club, Nathan Hale Garden Club, Sayville Garden Club, Stewart Manor Garden Club, Sumpwams Garden Club, Suwassett garden Club and Three Villages Garden Club
Dist III Athens Community Garden Club, Greenbush Garden Club, Guilderland Garden Club, Shawangunk Garden Club, Saugerties Society of Little Gardens
Dist IV Ballston Spa House & Garden Club, Carillon Garden Club, and Schuylerville Garden Club
Dist V Home Garden Club of Syracuse, Town & Country Garden Club, Norwich Town & Country Garden Club
Dist VII Garden Gate Garden Club, Gates Garden Club, Greenbrier Garden Club, Landing Rock Garden Club, Newark Garden Club, Town of Ontario Garden Club, University Garden Club, Victor Garden Club, Weather or Not Garden Club, 
Dist VIII Bowmansville Garden Club, Kenmore Garden Club, Landcaster Garden Club, Willow Ridge Garden Club, 
Dist IX Ardsley Garden Club, Garden Club of Peekskill, Lake Mahopac Garden Club and New Horizons Garden Club

CAR Conference, Gettysburg, PA 
Awards for FGCNYS, Inc.
Publicity/ Press Book 
Small Club Ken-Sheriton Garden Club, 3rd Place
Medium Club Germantown Garden Club, 1st Place
Large Club The Garden Club of Kinderhook, 2nd Place
Extra Large Club Orchard Park Garden Club, 2nd Place
Group of Clubs, District III, 1st Place
Youth Poster
First Grade First Place Avery Allen Herkimer Garden Club
Second Grade, 3rd Place Sophie McKee Paris Hill Garden Club
Third Grade 3rd Place, Lauren Kraus, Seed and Weed Garden Club
Fourth Grade, 3rd Place Kaelin Fournier Ilion Garden Club
Fifth Grade 1st Place Kyra Brown Sherrill Garden Club
Educational Exhibit Joy Coletta Garden Club of Chenago
Medium Club 2nd Place Sade & Trowel Garden Club
70-99 members Skaneateles Garden Club

Christine Davis, Office Secretary
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  As the 2016 drilling season comes to a close, Water For South Sudan continues to make a significant impact in the lives of hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese, with a new total of 275 wells drilled since 2005. As of March, 16 villages received new wells and hygiene education ( the hygiene team looks to develop a pilot sanitation project) and 20 wells repaired with new concrete platforms and fencing. The 2015 Well Evaluation Survey helped shape the 2016 Planning & Drilling Operation Improvements.  
As more wells are drilled in South Sudan, the total number of people served by each well has begun to decrease. This is an important quality of life issue. Earlier wells may have served 3,000 people, now new wells, this past season, average under 1,000 people per well. As more people have access to more wells, they also can begin to use water for more uses, including gardening and farming.Thank you for your generous support and continued commitment of this worthy World Gardening project in South Sudan.  

In 2015, FGCNYS gave $15,310.12 for a new well
Photos from 2016 Annual Meeting
21 A Brookedge, Guilderland, NY 12084-9110
518-869-6311    fgcnys@verizon.net

President Pat Wania accepting New York State Awards from NGC President Sandy Robinson at Convention in Grand Rapids
More photos on photo page
Call Christine at the office if you are having trouble filing out your 990 for the IRS. They have changed the protocol. Remember: this is due each year by July 15th.
More photos on annual meeting page
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Felipe Pena
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Marlyn Duran
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Ballston Spa House & Garden Club
Evan Morris
Ella Garman
Katelyn Weatherwax

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November 3,4,2016