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     The Federated Garden Clubs of New York is a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc., the largest gardening organization in the world. New York is a member of Central Atlantic Region (CAR).

      The Federated Garden Clubs of New York State is divided into ten geographic Districts, each with a District Director, who serve with elected officers on the FGCNYS Executive Committee. Appointed board members work to support the objectives of the organization. Officers serve for two year terms.

President: Monica Hansen
First Vice President: Lucille Bauer
Second Vice President: Victoria Bellias
Third Vice President: Sue Ann Robinson
Recording Secretary: Lynn Pezold
Corresponding Secretary: Diane Schliphack
Treasurer: Ellen Webster
Assistant Treasurer: Carol Anderson
Parliamentarian: Lynne Arnold
1. Coordination of interests for member clubs and promotion of mutual helpfulness.
2. Encouragement of environmental improvement.
3. Advancement of the arts of gardening, flower arranging and landscape design.
4. Leadership of junior, intermediate and high school garden groups.
5. Encouragement of garden therapy programs.
6. Cooperation with other organizations to promote interest in horticulture and plant research.

    If you love to garden and want to preserve and beautify your community you should belong to a garden club. To be part of the New York State 10,000 member Federated Garden Clubs of NYS, Inc. email the webmaster and your information will be forwarded to a local club President or District Director.
New York State Flower
1923 - Mrs. John Paris, former President Flushing Garden Club formulated plans to federate all garden clubs in NYS.
1924 - In February 43 people representing 20 organized garden clubs met and discussed forming a Federation.
1924 - In March the Federation was formed with 12 clubs; 12 more joined in three months. These are the 24 charter clubs of FGCNYS, Inc.
1925 - First Annual Meeting held at the Roosevelt Hotel, NYC
1928 - First newsletter published.
1929 - National group organizational meeting in NYC. Named the National Council of State Garden Club Federations, Inc. FGCNYS was a charter member.
1930 - National Council held first convention in Chicago
1931 - FGCNYS hosted first course in judging flower shows. 153 people from 11 states attended.
1934 - Name changed to National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc.
1959 - Headquarters moved from NYC to St. Louis with dedication of headquarters.
1999 - Name changed to National Garden Clubs, Inc.
CHARTER CLUBS FGCNYS: Staten Island GC, Community GC of Garden City-Hemstead, Douglaston GC, Port Washington GC, GC of Kinderhook, Katrina Trask GC, Ithaca GC, Rochester GC, GC of Dobbs Ferry, GC of Larchmont, GC of New Rochelle, Scarsdale Woman's Club, Garden Section, GC of Nyack, 
Monica Hansen
President 2017-2019
"Plant America...For a Cleaner, Greener, Healthier World"
Use only Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policies and Procedures
Amended 2016

Federated Garden Clubs of New York State, Inc

1924-1928Mrs. John W. Paris* (Founder)
1928-1930Mrs. Fred Joel Swift*
1930-1932Mrs. Samuel A. Brown*
1932-1934Mrs. James Baird*
1934-1936Mrs. Ralph Pratt Hinchman*
1936-1939Mrs. William Crocker*
1939-1941Mrs. Brice P. Disque*
1941-1943Mrs. Clement G. Bowers*
1943-1945Mrs. Charles Doscher*
1945-1947Mrs. Jack beck*
1947-1949Mrs. Wirt Darrow*
1949-1952Mrs. Charles Hoffman*
1952-1954Mrs. Wallace B. Lydecker*
1954-1956Mrs. John R. Lane*
1956-1958Mrs. Herbert H. Land*
1958-1960Mrs. Robert Crosby*
1960-1963Mrs. Otto H. Langhans*
1963-1965Mrs. Frank L. Walton*
1965-1967Mrs. Edward C. Madison*
1967-1969Mrs. Gerson T. Hirsch*
1969-1971Mrs. George Dalziel*
1971-1973Mrs. R. Reydel Peliconi*
1973-1975Mrs. Kenneth B Robinson*
1975-1977Mrs. Carl Arend, Jr.*
1977-1979Mrs. A. Roland Wheeler*
1979-1981Mrs. Edwin A. Duryea*
1981-1983Mrs. Wilton J. Gates*
1983-1985Mrs. John Maybee*
1985-1987Mrs. Harry C. Baden
1987-1989Mrs. Henry J. Sandlas, III
1989-1991Mrs. Vincent DeSomma
1991-1993Joan Corbisiero
1993-1995Patricia Cargnoni
1995-1997Adrienne Langan
1997-1999Jeanne T. Nelson
1999-2001Phyllis Besch
2001-2003Donna Pair*
2003-2005Phoebe L. Hunt-Fontaine
2005-2007Barbara M. Campbell
2007-2009Jean Beryl Metz*
2009-2011Elaine DiPietro*
2011-2013Pam Foesher
2013-2014Gail McGee
2014-2017Patricia Wania


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